Mother's Day

Mother's Day Gets Musical at Old Town Music Hall

Vintage-vivacious Janet Klein will appear at the free-to-watch holiday event; there'll be pipe organ, too.

Janet Klein/Old Town Music Hall

What to Know

  • Sunday, May 10 at 2:30 p.m.
  • Free
  • Singer Janet Klein, pipe organ music, a silent comedy, and a sing-along, too, all in honor of Mother's Day


She's the music in your heart, the song in your smile, the notes that make you know you're loved.

We often celebrate her May holiday by weaving in culture, joy, and Mom-ready melodies, whether we find a concert in the park, a string quartet at brunch, or we throw an impromptu dance party in the living room.

That last one can still happen on May 10, 2020, for while park concerts and in-person brunches are temporarily on hold, shaking it inside your casa is a welcome respite.

And the Old Town Music Hall in El Segundo can help, thanks to an hour-long celebration in honor of Mother's Day.

Janet Klein, the charming chanteuse who's perfected the modern take on long-ago ditties, will be centerstage, hurrah and hooray.

And will the theatrical landmark's famous pipe organ be fired up in honor of the free-to-see party? Count on it.

A sing-along will add further pizzazz to the party, and a silent comedy will summon the smiles.

As for dancing in your living room?

If you're staying with mom right now, or she's with you, cool. If your mother is in a different city or state, you can both tune into the live event together, giving the music and movie a chance to connect you across the miles.

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