Movie Monster Make-up Exhibit Bewitching Tinseltown

Eye three decades of eerie cosmetic wizardry, at The Hollywood Museum.

What to Know

  • 30 Years of Make-Up, Monsters, and Magic
  • The Hollywood Museum
  • $15 adults

You truly can't group all movie mavens together, on any one topic, but one pretty true fact is this: While it is cool to see a giant bug or werewolf or cosmic traveler on the big screen, encountering such a being in real life gives basically everyone, even the bravest among us, the quaky knees.

Because creating a realistic, ultra-scary movie monster?

It is quite the art form, a discipline that stretches back through the decades 'round these movie-making parts.

If you're curious about just how quaky your knees might get, while standing near an over-sized insect from "Starship Troopers" or props from "Alien Resurrection," you can find out now, at The Hollywood Museum.

That's where "30 Years of Make-up, Monsters, and Magic," an exhibit devoted to the creative, creature-making calling, is on view, and just in time for the hauntingest season of the year, too.

The critter-packed display came together "...in association with the Academy Award-winning Special Creature and Character Studio Amalgamated Dynamics," an outfit that has been fashioning some of the most frightening figures to ever appear on the silver screen.

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Might you encounter masks from your gnarliest nightmares? You surely might.

Could you spy spine-tingling sights from "It" and "The Nun" and "Bright" and other recent horror and genre flicks?

Oh yes, such eek-inducing artifacts are in the glass cabinets, just steps from where you'll stand to get a closer look...if you dare. (Of course you do dare, we'll assume.)

A "full-sized" Predator and Alien, from, you got it, "Predator vs. Alien" are in the house, too. Count on, though, seeing a host of skin-prickly superstars from a line-up of recent blockbusters and famously fearsome flicks.

The Hollywood Museum is open Wednesdays through Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 5 o'clock. An adult ticket is $15.

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