Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Has Your Bread-Starting Kits

Proceeds from the starter + recipe sales will go to the bakery's employees.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

What to Know

  • Highland Park (the bakery's delivery partners will ship it)
  • $15 starter + recipe, $25 starter + recipe + bread kit
  • Proceeds go to the Mr. Holmes Bakehouse employees

Is your cousin creating carb-tastic, super-filling loaves these days?

Tempting bread rings and bread rolls and baguettes and buns are filling many social media feeds nowadays, as people turn to their pantries, their cookbooks, and to their ovens, too, during this stay-at-home span.

If you've been pondering pan, as in bread, as in the staff of life, and making your own while you keep close to your digs, here's some appetizing inspo: The team at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse has "prepped and created thousands of these kits for people to make their own bread at home for as long as they have flour to use."

That's right: Perishables aren't necessary, and once you have the starter, you'll be "able to make thousands of loaves" with just flour and water.

The prices? You'll pay $15 starter + recipe or $25 Starter + recipe + bread kit.

You can order through one of the delivery platforms working with Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, to have it shipped to your door, but if you stop by to shop for groceries on the morning of March 19, you'll receive the starter for free.


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But no need to stop by the shop if you don't want to; just follow the Highland Park bakery for information on having that starter, or starter and recipe, shipped your way.

Indeed, this is the shop that's celebrated for the cruffin, the croissant-muffin treat, but they also know bread, and bread-based bites, well.

As for what the shop will available for purchase on the morning of March 19? Produce, cooking oils, groceries, and more are listed; take a look and see if there is something there you need.

Could this starter be the start of your new baking hobby? Could you really turn out hundreds or maybe thousands of loaves in the years to come?

And every time you use it, will you remember that your purchase, if you indeed choose to purchase it and have it shipped, helped the Mr. Holmes Bakehouse employees during a challenging time, when restaurants across our region shuttered in the wake of COVID-19?

Here's how to help, to get your bread kit, and to launch your next step as a loaf-loving home baking artist.

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