Mustard Ice Cream Is Your Next Must-Try

French's, the mustard-making stalwart, has teamed up with Coolhaus for a cool and offbeat treat.

What to Know

  • Coolhaus in Culver City
  • Aug. 2-4 and Aug. 9-11, 2019
  • Aug. 3 is National Mustard Day

There are a lot of "musts" in this modern world, the must-dos and must-haves and must-tries that we're so often told we must, must, must find, if we're to be in the swing of things.

But when it comes to mustard?

The line-up of "musts" becomes a little less urgent. That's likely because the zingy, sandwich-enhancing, yellow-bright condiment has become such a staple in our refrigerator, the delicious denizen residing inside millions of refrigerator doors.

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Hold up, though: Mustard is about to have its "must-try, must-have" moment, with the incredibly intriguing debut of mustard ice cream.

Mustard. Ice cream. If you need a few more minutes to mull that one over, that's perfectly understandable. 

Take your time.

This cold, lickable, limited-time treat is coming at us thanks to a partnership between French's, the longtime condiment king, and Coolhaus, SoCal-based maker of fancy frosty goodies.

Complementing that serving of mustard ice cream? A pretzel cookie, of course. Because everyone knows pretzels and mustard are like the PB&J pair-up of savory snacking.

Don't look in your refrigerator door for this unusual sweet, however; you'll need to head to Culver City, and Coolhaus, from Aug. 2-4, 2019 and again from Aug. 9-11.

And, yes, Aug. 3 is in fact National Mustard Day, making this condiment-themed confection especially strong in the timing department.

So what are you doing this weekend? Eating French's mustard ice cream, at the Coolhaus in Culver City? 

That sounds like a must-try, a must-do, and a must-have to end all must-haves, at least if you're a mustard maven with an obsession for slightly surreal scoops.

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