Mysterious Art Pop-up: Beach Bioluminescence

The one-night-only installation will marvel at glow-in-the-dark algae.

If you've ever thought you saw a strange shine in the ocean, after sundown, it might have been a glint of moonlight on the water, true. Or it might have been some bioluminescent algae, doing that whole amazing glowing thing that it does so wondrously well.

That very phenomenon will take the surreal center stage on Saturday, June 24 when an art installation pops up, for but a very short time, all to admire this watery wonder.

Recall now, if you will, the pop-up teahouse in Griffith Park in 2015, and the Petal Drop last year, the happening that saw thousands of pretty petals drift down, by the seeming bucketload, from an unseen hands above. The jacaranda-themed Petal Drop soon followed, providing a splash of purple whimsy for those who attended.

Both happenings arose from a collective of artists who go without handles or names, making their anonymous, nature-inspired works all the more mysterious.

That next mystery, "Night Life LA (02)," will occur at "a local beach" on June 24 from 10 in the evening to 4 a.m. the next day.

What's promised to be a "surreal environment" will include both artists and performers as well as bioluminescent algae "...which has been specially cultivated for this project."

Bioluminescence is best appreciated in darkness, meaning this: No cell phones will be allowed at the ephemeral installation, and photography will not be permitted. This will give everyone's eyes "time to adapt to darkness," the better to enjoy the beautiful bioluminescence and its glow.

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How to get a free ticket? The release begins at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, June 21. And while the exact location hasn't yet been revealed, that will be, of course, ahead of June 24 on the project's site. 

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