Nab a $5 Haus Burger on National Burger Day

Did you not get your fill of burger-based deliciousness over the weekend? There's a hamburger holiday just ahead.

Dog Haus

What to Know

  • Thursday, May 28, all day long
  • $5 Haus Burgers (The Ringer, The Freiburger, more...)
  • Chino Hills, Old Pasadena, Palmdale, Pasadena, Long Beach

Constructing the perfect burger?

That is a time-honored process that is really is in the eye, or the mouth, of the burger beholder.

But few burger buffs would truthfully claim that they just like a plain patty, and two buns, and nothing else. For interesting toppings truly do make the meal in this case, or at least enhance the burger-eating experience.

In short? A tried-and-true burgerist generally wants to go all out in the top-it-high department.

Leading the way on the going-all-out front? It's Dog Haus, which is famous for its fancy frankfurters, yes, but all for its tempting line-up of Haus Burgers.

And to mark National Burger Day, which happens, each and every year, on May 28, the boutique burgery, which started in Pasadena and is now found in several Southern California spots, will give fans one delish deal.

There's no need to beat around the bun on this one: You can enjoy a Haus Burger for five bucks on May 28. Devour that idea, as you decide whether you're doing takeout or delivery.

And the choices? They're plentiful. Consider ordering The Freiburger, which has both fries and a fried egg or The Ringer, which rocks a couple of sizable onion rings.

The local spots participating on May 28?

You'll want to know if your neighborhood Dog Haus is in on the discount, so here's the roster: Chino Hills, Old Pasadena, Palmdale, Pasadena, and Long Beach.

Did you not have your fill of patty-plus-buns over the weekend? There's a way to address that hamburger-focused hankering, on May 28, all while saving a few dollars on a hearty, started-in-SoCal class: The Haus Burger at Dog Haus.

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