Nab a Free Wetzel's Pretzel on National Pretzel Day

Just stop by a participating shop on April 26 for your own twisty hunk o' bready bliss.

What to Know

  • Friday, April 26
  • Participating locations (does not include "non-US, theme park, or stadium locations")
  • Over 85,000 pretzels were given away in 2018

If you were tasked with placing National Pretzel Day at some point on the calendar, without knowing the occasion's actual month, let's be real: You're flipping the pages straight to October.

Thank Oktoberfest for our inclination to pair chewy, delicious breadstuffs, the kind of eats that go perfect with a zingy mustard, with the fall, but there's a twist to this story.

A pretzel-shaped twist, in fact: National Pretzel Day happens to fall in April, that month of fresh spring fruits and leftover chocolate eggs.

It's on April 26, but before you begin to line up your own mustard collection, best know that Wetzel's Pretzels, the nationwide pretzel pros, have quite the deal in store: A free Original Wetzel's Pretzel on that day.

Or, to go all caps, as the company is understandably doing, a FREE Original Wetzel's Pretzel.

The caps work in this instance, for sure, because who would refuse such a classic pretzel-y treat in a pay-nothing situation? 

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The deal get even pay-nothing-ier, should you follow Wetzel's Pretzels on Instagram by April 28. You'll score a reward code for a second free Original Wetzel's Pretzel, oh yes.

That code'll be good through May 5, 2019, and you'll need to use the Wetzel's app to redeem it.

Another smaller twist to the story? While there'll be oodles of participating shops on April 26, keep in mind that free pretzels will not be available at "non-US, theme park, or stadium locations."

And pull apart this tasty fact: The company gave away over 85,000 Original Wetzel's Pretzels on National Pretzel Day 2018.

Clearly, the pretzel's October-strong reputation, while not being exactly challenged, as a contender in April.

Find your local Wetzel's Pretzels pronto, because the only twist left for you to untie is the one in the middle of your delicious freebie.

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