National Bagel Day Has Delish Deals Aplenty

It's the craving-deep holiday in honor of everyone's favorite bready disc of pure bliss.

What to Know

  • Wednesday, Jan. 15
  • A number of bagel shops are offering a free bagel with purchase
  • Thomas' Bagels will pop by for a Union Station giveaway in the morning

Here's the good thing about that really good foodstuff, the bagel: It is always splittable, even if it doesn't arrive with a split already in place.

Which means you can share it with a pal, or spread two different schmears on the pair of halves before you, or save a half for later, because you know you'll have a mid-afternoon carb craving.

It's a royal foodstuff, in short, and it gets its deserved due on Jan. 15 each year, which happens to be National Bagel Day.

You can pick up a dozen for the office or enjoy one for breakfast on your own. And you can find a few money-saving deals around Southern California on the 15th of January.

It's a Wednesday in 2020, but let's not call it Hump Day, not when we can refer to it as Spread the Schmear and Save Day, Hooray.

As for those deals?


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Einstein Bros. Bagels: Stop by the bagelry on the Jan. 15, make a purchase, and receive a complimentary bagel, plus schmear. Delish.

Noah's NY Bagels: You're hankering for some hearty breadstuff, that's been well-schmeared? Find your way to your local Noah's, make a purchase, and receive a gratis bagel with schmear.

Bruegger's Bagels: Oh yeah, you'll head inside on Jan. 15, purchase an item, and then leave with your free bagel with free schmear. Unless you stop to eat it there.

Thomas' Breakfast: Is a classic, ready-to-toast Thomas's bagel your go-to snack at home? Look for the company to be in Los Angeles on Jan. 15, with a morningtime stop, and yummy giveaway, at Union Station.

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