National Burger Day Boasts the Return of a Local Favorite

Patty, bun, condiments, sizzle: The dearly missed Irv's Burgers will cameo at Employees Only on May 28.

Off the Menu

What to Know

  • May 28 is National Burger Day
  • Employees Only will host a one-day-only Irv's Burgers pop-up; make your reservation here
  • Off the Menu is behind the event, which is on from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the West Hollywood restaurant

Can a single day last for an entire month?

Outside of a sci-fi flick, the sort of funky film that makes time go all topsy-turvy, a day lasts for 24 hours, and a month generally holds 30 or 31 days (with February as the shorter stand-out, of course).

But here's the slightly surreal part of one of the sizzling-est holidays on the food-related calendar: The specific time we're given to celebrate burgers is somehow folded into both a day and a month, simultaneously.

Weird? Sort of, we suppose.

This isn't a wacky movie, however, and we wouldn't dare try and stick this in a nutty novel. It's all true, because National Burger Month lasts throughout May, and National Burger Day is May 28, and everyone, even those people that like time to stay on track, can understand how this dual concept works.

But when the 28th day of May begins to sizzle, some special events do occur, even though we're 28 days into a full month of burger-focused festivities, deals, and goings-on.

And one special happening is brewing in West Hollywood, on Friday, May 28 at Summer Social Club, the outdoor patio at Employees Only.

Irv's Burgers, the obsessed-over roadside burger stand that shuttered a few years back, is returning in honor of National Burger Day.

Briefly returning, we should add: You can enjoy this classic (but now gone) LA burger within a brief, five-hour window.

That means you also can, once again, purchase the old-school double cheeseburgers you loved at Irv's, and those flavorful fries, too. Combos, too, will be available.

Off the Menu, the "quintessential food discovery, content and experience platform which spans from an app to viral pop-ups, events and digital + delivery experiences," is helming the one-day-only hamburger happening.

Stella Artois will also be available, should you crave a brew alongside your burger. And there's merchandise to peruse, too, to remember that you spent National Burger Day 2021 at Irv's Burgers, or rather at a petite pop-up celebrating Irv's Burgers.

Reserve your spot now and stop by for a taste of an iconic LA burger on the burger's biggest holiday.

Happy National Burger Day and National Burger Month to all burger buffs who seek out patties with panache, including those special meals that only return to appetizing existence for one magical day.

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