National Burger Day: Patties of Perfection

Find special noshes and bite-worthy deals around SoCal

Special events are often tied to particular times of the year, but sometimes the reasoning behind the pairing can leave people in full-on head-scratching mode.

There is no mystery, though, why National Burger Month, which is May, and National Burger Day, which falls on Thursday, May 28, are when they are: The backyard grills are rolling out in profusion this time of year, and the long Memorial Day Weekend sees its share of outdoor, patty-laden parties.

If you've been celebrating Burger Month all along, well, we raise our ketchup bottle to you. But if you still haven't gotten your condiment-cool noshing in, mark May 28 down on your burger-tracking calendar and make for...

Slater's 50/50: The offbeat burger-a-torium -- this is the place with the half-bacon, half-beef patty -- is offering one of its choicest sandwiches for ten bucks on May 28. It's the Old Timey, which has both Thousand Island dressing (a king among burger accessories) and a brioche bun. Oh, and fries come with, too. Question: Is a good bun the most important part of a burger? Argue away, pattyists.

Dog Haus: The based-in-Pasadena boutique hot-doggery is known for sausages, but they do hamburgers as well. And come Burger Day, they've got an offer on for visiting burger buffs: "Upgrade any Haus burger or Build Your Own burger to a double with cheese for Free!" Ohhh, "upgrade" and "free," together, in one sentence, like two besties. Want this? May 28, as mentioned, is the date.

Unusual Eats: If you don't need a deal, and are looking for the most unusual patties + buns around town, well, your happy work is cut out for you. LA is in a full-bloom burger renaissance, so look to Cavatina for its accoladed Marquis Cheeseburger, Baltaire's Butchered Burger, which is made with short rib, brisket, and chuck (all ground in-house), and the recently opened Bowlero's own Behemoth Burger, which measures 14 inches across and weighs in at ten pounds (the patty is five of those pounds, if you're curious).

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