National Cat Day Is the Purr-fect Occasion

How will you honor, snuggle, and love upon the cool kit in your home on Oct. 29? Or will you adopt a new bestie? Feline joy awaits.

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What to Know

  • Oct. 29, 2020
  • Did you found furry love via LA Animal Services? The department wants to share local cat adoption stories on its social channels
  • Tags to use: #NationalCatDay #LAcitypets #LAanimalservices

Before we fully open our eyes, and before we rummage around the sheets for that one sock that peeled off in the night, and before we start counting the steps to the coffeemaker, there is a presence that fills our hearts and minds from the second we wake up.

It's our feline, the friend who is there from the moment we arise to the moment we close our eyes again, the furry ever-companion who only wants a scritch, a snack, our lap, our love.

And if your scritching seems to be a little deeper and, well, even scritch-ier on Oct. 29 each year, there's a reason for that: It's National Cat Day, a wonderful and whiskerful occasion that reminds us that our slinky, purrful pals are total superstars.

Cat concerts, cat festivals, and cat parades?

They're not on the schedule for Oct. 29, 2020, but your feline would probably take a pass anyhow. If there's a blanket to curl with or a box to sits-and-fits inside, that's all that's required.

Of course, you may want to honor the special day by sharing your catly affections with other feline fans around Southern California.

And if you adopted your cat from LA Animal Services, there's something nice you can do right now to raise the fur-fantastic vibe.

Just tag a sweet snapshot or playful video of your cat on social media.

If you use #NationalCatDay, #LAcitypets, and #LAanimalservices, Los Angeles Animal Services will see what you've posted and may share it with its audience, all to spread the sweetness of animal adoption further.

"We’re also always looking for stories to share and be featured on our social media channels to show how adopting a pet from our Centers can bring joy, love, and companionship to you and your family, so we encourage you to submit your story and photos to us by clickinghere," shared the LA Animal Services team.

And if you're looking to adopt soon?

Here's where you can start, should you choose to find a feline through LA Animal Services.

If you fall head-over-paws in pre-love with a cat you spy on the site, you'll need to let the staff know and set up an appointment.

It's as easy as gently scritching a kitten's head, truly; the straightforward directions and details are swishing their tail on this page now.

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