National Croissant Day Brims With Buttery Bites

Is the flaky, delicately layered treat a favorite? Find your pull-apart pastry around Southern California.

Cris Cantón

What to Know

  • Jan. 30 is National Croissant Day
  • Pitchoun! is a local go-to for the pastries
  • The French bakery, which has locations in DTLA and at the Beverly Center, will also make a Rose Croissant for Valentine's Day 2022

Fabulous foodstuffs that rock a strong and textural pull-apart character?

They tend to involve delightfully stretchy sheets of dough and oodles of rich butter, two of the basic units of ultimate pull-apart-dom.

And naming the most perfect pastry in the pull-apart field? That's a tough one, given all of the considerable contenders, but the croissant is surely considered royalty by many bread buffs.

We pause each year, on Jan. 30, to doff our hat to this yeasty feastable, a luscious legend that has proven it can instantly improve a basic cup of coffee, an aimless conversation, and/or a dreary afternoon.

A croissant, in short, is a pastry with panache. It has a story that stretches back through the centuries, with a regal role as an iconic Austrian Viennoiserie, and, later, a perfectly Parisian staple seen in thousands of confection-packed cases.

In fact, almost any boulangerie you stop by, at several places around the planet, may bake its own take on the treat, which can be enjoyed on its easy-to-eat own, straight from a bag, or alongside a warm beverage.

If Jan. 30 has you craving this twisty titan of the bakery case, there are places around Southern California that make an incredible croissant.

Look to Proof Bakery in Glendale, which offers numerous tasty takes on the classic croissant (think Pistachio Cherry Croissants, for sweet starters), and Bread Lounge, in the Arts District, which has a tempting Pain Au Chocolate on the menu.

Pitchoun!, too, has become synonymous with the buttery crescent in recent years.

And sometimes?

The bakery will offer inventive seasonal spins on the croissant, including one that's coming up this Valentine's Day: A Rose Croissant, a "... plain croissant partially dipped in pink chocolate filled with a delicious rose water infused pastry cream."

That will be available at both the DTLA and Beverly Center locations beginning on Feb. 2, 2022, giving all committed croissantarians fine reason to stretch the national food holiday, much like a stretchy piece of delicious dough, into the days that immediately follow it.

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