National Dog Day: Red Carpet WeHo Adoption

NKLA and Andaz West Hollywood welcomes superstar, family-seeking pups.

Andaz West Hollywood

Live in Los Angeles long enough and you're bound to encounter a red carpet, in your path, now and then.

Encounter enough red carpets and you're bound to understand that what you see on the crimson-hued floor covering can often be surprising, beyond the usual star interviews and the pop-pop-popping of flashbulbs.

Case in point: If you call upon the Andaz West Hollywood on Friday, Aug. 26, right around midday, you'll see several sweeties of the four-paw'd, furry-muzzled sort (without a designer gown or tuxedo in sight).

You already knew, of course, that Aug. 26 is National Dog Day, and the venerable Sunset Boulevard hotel, NKLA, and Adopt Me Rescue are doing up the arfable occasion with an adoption event.

Make that a red carpet-themed adoption event, one where home-craving cuties'll pose and paw and win over hearts, including one heart they may make a connection with, fingers crossed.

The Strut Your Mutt Like a Rock Star hours are noon to 2 o'clock, and if your own rock 'n roll pooch wants her photo taken on the rock 'n roll hotel's red carpet, you can absolutely swing by: People and their pups are invited to join in, and perhaps donate to the cause of animal rescue.

"(R)ock star props and toys" will be nearby, in case your canine wants to get a bit nutty for his pic.

The cool bonus to adopting a dog from NKLA, Best Friend Society's no-kill initiative, is an on-the-house lunch at Riot House, the Andaz Hollywood's eatery. 

The colossal bonus to adopting a dog is now you have a dog, a true-hearted pumpkin who'll be at your side for years to come, the kind of furry pal who won't mind if you want to watch all of the red carpet pre-shows on television.

Heck, your pal'll probably stay at your side, checking out the starry scene from her perch next to you on the couch.

Will she recall that she met you on a red carpet, at the glammy Andaz West Hollywood, on National Dog Day? You'll have to remind her, each and every time you encounter another red carpet, whether on TV or, as so often happens in LA, in person.

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