National Fried Chicken Day's Savory Specials Are Here

Rooster's Chicken House will feature The Two Buck Cluck in honor of the food holiday.


What to Know

  • Tuesday, July 6
  • Find The Two Buck Cluck at Rooster's Chicken House
  • You can also enjoy Mrs. Knott's Fried Chicken with sides at Knott's Berry Farm's Wilderness Broiler, for a limited time

The notion that National Fried Chicken Day arrives in our worlds just two days after the Fourth of July makes perfect sense.

For Independence Day eating has a way of priming us for what the July 6 food holiday is all about: Crunchy, well-spiced poultry that's often accompanied by a line-up of timeless, tangy, and oh-so-creamy sides.

Which means that if your cole slaw cravings were only stoked by feasting on the Fourth of July, but not fully met, and you're still peckish for potato salad, rolls, and, yes, fried chicken, too, July 6 is the day to seek it out.

A bevy of fried chicken houses will be open and serving up your favorite comfort food in lots of different ways, but here are a trio to tasty specials and spotlights for the 2021 holiday...

Rooster's Chicken House: This fried chicken favorite is offer The Two Buck Cluck on July 6, which, you guessed it, is a $2 special. Included on this tempting plate? A tender, plus slaw, plus the all-important biscuit, too. Rooster's has four locations (inside Holy Cow BBQ), so head for West LA, El Segundo, Culver City, and Santa Monica for this one-day special.

Mrs. Knott's Fried Chicken: If you're hankering for this celebrated SoCal plate, one that brims with old-school sides and plenty of chicken-y panache, you know where to go: Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant just outside Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park. But wait: Through July 11, fans of this fried chicken classic can find it at the Wilderness Broiler inside the theme park. Details? Delish: They're here.

Veggie Grill: Fried chicken sandwiches, with all of their creative toppings and bespoke buns, have made quite the culinary splash over the last few years. But there are ways to find that poultry-inspired flavor in a plant-based item. Look to your local Veggie Grill, where the Crispy Buffalo Chickin' Sandwich is on the menu through July 27. It's Buffalo-y, for sure, with a ranch-y prism, too. Price? It's $9.95 when ordered in-store.

And at KFC? Look for a Pepsi-fun partnership for National Fried Chicken Day.

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