National Pickle Month Just Got Crispier, Disneyland Fans

Here's the dill, er, deal: July is rolling out the door, but you can make this classic Carnation Café recipe whenever you like.

Disneyland Resort

What to Know

  • Fried pickle recipe from Disneyland's Carnation Café
  • Free recipe
  • The theme park also shared the recipe for the zesty dip on the side

So you're a pickle person?

Then you know that Fried Pickle Day crunches up our worlds in June each year, and National Pickle Day gives our life a delightfully sour zing to November.

But can you name National Pickle Month?

As in, a full 31 days devoted to the dill-icious, super-zesty, slice-'em-up pleasures of these jarred joys?

Of course you can: It's July, and you've probably spent many of the last 31 days loading up your burgers and hot dogs with the spicy toppers, or adding them to salads for crunch, or even just eating them straight from the fridge, while standing in front of the fridge to keep cool.

Before July grabs its sunhat and heads for the door, there's more pickledom to explore, for the Disneyland Resort blog recently posted a tempting recipe for the fried pickles from Carnation Café.

If you know the Main Street, U.S.A. restaurant, and you know your pickles, then you know these golden goodies arrive in a basket with the all-important creamy dip on the side.

And as a bonus? Disneyland also revealed what's in the dip, to make your fried pickles as authentic as possible: Lime juice, ranch dressing, and Sriracha all give this condiment its kick.

You may, in fact, just want to keep this condiment on hand to eat with All The Snacks.

As for your pickles? Panko is one of the main additions, oh delicious, as is Parmesan cheese.

Of course, you don't need to make this appetizing appetizer (or any ol' time snack) just during National Pickle Month. Because August, and its many culinary pleasures?

It's a month that's absolutely perfect for people who prefer pickles with every grilled and fresh meal.

Do you have more of a sweet tooth and less of a sour one? Disneyland also recently shared the recipe for a Christmas-cute, gingerbread-themed goodie, one that includes a bottle of amber lager.

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