Nautical Noël Delights Deck the Queen Mary

Holiday dinner shows, follies fun, and Breakfast with Santa are all coming right up.

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What to Know

  • Long Beach
  • Dinner shows, Follies performances, American Bombshells performances, Breakfast with Santa, decorations, and more
  • Times/dates/prices vary

"Simplified" is a common word heard around the holidays, and "low-key," too, as well as "I'm over the rush and the stress."

Okay, that's several words, all in a row, but even those who can't wait for Christmas often seek out ways to host a holiday that's special but not overly splashy (due, yes, to the aforementioned stress).

That all goes out the window, or rather the porthole, we talk about going out to enjoy a Christmas experience, one that might be a bit fancy, or stylish, or even a little plush.

The Queen Mary, the landmark ocean-liner that's forever-at-home in Long Beach, understands how to add splash/dash to the days ahead of Christmas, something it did for years, for oodles of stars and dignataries, when it sailed the oceans.

It isn't setting sail for its vintage past in the final days ahead of the 2018 yuletide, but it is brimming with special events, including Breakfast with Santa on Dec. 22 (pajama-wearing is absolutely a-ok), Holiday Dinner Shows, Holiday Follies Shows, and performances by the American Bombshells.

Dates and times do vary for the last three to-dos, so check the Queen Mary site before you put on a fancy frock and make for the grand ship. 

A ship that is also decked in delights of December, including "dazzling light displays," a lovely tree, and lots more. Queen Mary Christmas, a multi-week event, will still be sparkling through Christmas and New Year's, too, with an end date of Sunday, Jan. 6.

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