Nearly 2,000 Stationary Cyclists to Pedal by the Pacific

Tour de Pier returns will raise money for cancer research.

Angela Daves Haley

What to Know

  • Sunday, May 20
  • Manhattan Beach Pier
  • 8:15 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

One truth about the ocean?

It's on the move. The waves are flowing, the birds above the waves are flying, and various in-the-ocean animals, from sharks to seahorses, are making their various ways, too, hither and thither, constantly.

Likewise, we humans are often on the move near the ocean. We're jogging, we're walking, we're riding Ferris wheels, we're running after volleyballs, and we are most definitely cycling, like, a bunch.

And nearly 2,000 people will be doing just that, on Sunday, May 20 at the pier at Manhattan Beach. But here's the fascinating twist about all of those cyclists: They won't be going anywhere.

They'll be pedaling stationary bicycles, but to say that "they won't be going anywhere" is a bit of an untruth.

They'll be zooming into the future, one spin at a time, all to help a trio of cancer research charities: the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach, and the Uncle Kory Foundation.

It's the 6th annual Tour de Pier, and you can bet that all 375 bikes, and every 50-minute session on each bike, sold out in a flash, which is what happens each year, and hooray for that.

But there's yet another twist to the day: There's a lot going on at Manhattan Beach Pier, including a Health & Fitness Expo, which includes entertainment, activities, booths, and more. And thousands of non-riders show up to visit the expo and enjoy the event.

Plus, showing up to give the riders some good vibes? That's just way cool, as cool as an ocean wave. 

But wait, be not blue: There's an event, on Saturday night, May 19, that's called Ride the Nite. The "prelude to Tour de Pier" will feature 75 bikes and a silent disco theme, meaning riders'll don headphones. LA Aleworks is presenting, and the cost is $250 to join.

Ready to not move forward, but to totally move forward on behalf of others, at Manhattan Beach Pier?

Join Ride the Nite on Saturday evening or swing by for Tour de Pier, on Sunday morning, to cheer on the almost 2,000 fundraisers who'll be pedaling by the Pacific, all to give back and help support cancer research.

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