Negroni Week Opens: Spirited Fundraiser

Fond of Campari, gin, and vermouth rosso? You can help a nonprofit out via your cocktail order.

A snazzy indulgence? It can sometimes come with a hefty price tag, that's true. And there might not be a charitable side to your purchase, something that pays it forward somehow, in some fashion. Once you receive what you bought, that's the end of the story.

But that's not really the entire story. Sometimes a snazzy indulgence isn't a bank account buster, and it can even be a sweet stepping stone to giving back to a community, in a kind-minded mission, spread-the-love sort of way.

And if it is early June, and you're calling upon a local restaurant or bar that's observing Negroni Week, you can count on a donation from the well-crafted libation you order going directly to the charity of the venue's choice.

Negroni Week, which got its swanky start in 2013, not only boasts a selection of spirited elements at its center, but philanthropy at its heart. 

As for what's in the glass? Campari, gin, and vermouth rosso are the traditional components. An aromatic orange peel or thicker orange slice adds zing and hue to the final sippable artwork.

As for the week itself, which runs from Monday, June 5 through Sunday, June 11 in 2017? If you're a classic cocktail buff, line up your ride home then pop by Ocean Prime, The Ponte, Bar Angeles, Good Housekeeping, Salt Cure, Cafe Birdie, Love & Salt, Crossings, and Michael's, all venues on the participants roster.

As for the money that's been raised over the last five years? Hold onto the stem of your glass: The Negroni Week number stands at over $900,000.

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Quelle impressive, to be a bit swanky with our response (or at least try).

You can find the full line-up of Southern California restaurants and bars at the Negroni Week site, including the venues' chosen 2017 charities.

Haven Gastropub in Orange will be donating to No Kid Hungry, while Bacardi GDL in Glendale has chosen the Arbor Day Foundation as its Negroni Week beneficiary. What's our go-to tavern doing? Take a peek and find out.

And seek out those swanky indulgences that have a give-back angle. A treat can be wonderful, but knowing the treat has legs to live on, in some form, at the benefit of others, is even more wonderful. Call it as fragrant and beautiful as a perfectly ripe orange peel sitting in amber liquid in a cut-crystal tumbler.

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