Beverly Hills

What You'll Find in the Neil Armstrong Collection

The largest American flag to ever be in space, a piece of a Wright Brothers propeller that Neil Armstrong took to the moon (he was a big fan), an actual space suit, as well as letters, drawings, and medals are all part of the Neil Armstrong Collection currently displayed at Heritage Auctions in Beverly Hills.

About 2,000 items are part of the collection, and over 700 of them donated from Armstrong's family, including many items that he took into space.

In adddition to items belonging to the first man to walk on the moon, a red mercedes convertible with the liscence plate "MARS GUY" is also up for auction. The car belonged to Buzz Aldrin. 

The auctions will start taking place next month, and will lead up to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, next July.

In related news, Ryan Gossling's new movie First Man, about Neil Armstrong, opens tonight.

Aliya Jasmine was in Beverly Hills this morning to take a look at the auction first hand, watch the Instagram video above, or flip through some of the photos in the gallery below. Also, be sure to follow us @nbcla on social media to stay up to date with daily stories like this one. Click here for more auction information.

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