New Animal Sculptures Debut at ‘The Art of the Brick'

"PERNiCiEM: The Endangered Species Connection" will go on view at the California Science Center starting on Earth Day.

California Science Center

What to Know

  • "PERNiCiEM: The Endangered Specie Connection" is part of "The Art of the Brick" exhibition (included with your paid ticket)
  • California Science Center
  • Opens Thursday, April 22 (Earth Day)

LEGO bricks have a famous knack for catching eyes, hearts, the swirl of our imaginative yearnings and our most colorful creative impulses, too.

Even a single brick, or two, can make a passerby pause, for the fun-to-play-with, fun-to-do-everything-with building blocks are among some of the most eye-catching items ever invented.

So if you want to make more people pause, and win over more hearts, particularly when it comes to an important cause, a wise idea is to make LEGO bricks, lots and lots of LEGO bricks, part of your noble effort.

And that is just what has happened with "PERNiCiEM: The Endangered Species Connection," which goes on view on Thursday, April 22 at the California Science Center.

The newest addition to the large-scale "The Art of the Brick" exhibition, "PERNiCiEM" puts the fantastical focus on those endangered animals that earnestly need our attention, our help, and our serious stewardship.

"The dramatic gallery," the amazing creation of LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya and photographer Dean West, "... will feature thirteen of the world's most endangered species, including the humpback whale and lowland gorilla, each presented with a cinematic image of their natural environment."

Call the presentation a striking way to spotlight an urgent issue, one that will surely prompt guests at "The Art of the Brick" to think about what is immediately ahead for the animals in the "PERNiCiEM" collection, and what we can do.

You won't need a separate ticket to see the 13 sculptures, but you will need a ticket to "The Art of the Brick."

For details on safety guidelines at the California Science Center, and what to expect, visit the site now. For more on what's again on view at the Exposition Park destination, including the Space Shuttle Endeavour, click.

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