New at Tam O'Shanter: Daily Haggis

A once-a-year delicacy will be a daily thing at the Atwater Village landmark.

Smoking cheddar cheese fries aren't the subject of lofty odes penned by legendary 18th-century poets, nor are dippable deep-fried onion bites, foot-long subs, or fro-yo toppings.

The foodstuff that does have that noble distinction, however, is the haggis.

Know the haggis? It inspires extreme, colorful, and incredibly passionate reactions. Love it, not love it, defend it, try it once but deem it not your thing, the dish, which was immortalized by Scottish bard Robert Burns, is a centuries-old edible legend.

And an edible legend that's headed for the daily menu at the Tam O'Shanter. Yes, that's right haggis aficionados: You can get your daily fix of the dish, which will put a fresh spin on the traditional way of making it.

The traditional way? Think oatmeal, onion, and suet pudding that features sheep's liver, heart, and kidneys simmered inside the stomach.

The Tam's au courant take? Ground beef and beef liver, herbs, onions, baked into a "flaky homemade piecrust." Salad and spicy mustard complement the hearty and historically inspired fare.

True, true, the Atwater Village landmark, which will mark its centennial in just about decade, does serve the lauded and savory centerpiece at its Robert Burns birthday celebration, a sold-out two-nighter that goes down each January.

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But haggis going daily at the tartan-and-beams cottage o' nooks is new, new, new, despite the Tam being older and haggis far older still.

Want to give the contemporary haggis a try? You should. No ode recitation at the table is required, but if you want to wear your family's kilt while dining, by all means, forge ahead, seekers of sublime and ancient culinary experiences.

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