New: Deep-Fried Guacamole at LA County Fair

It's gooey, green, and an exclusive of the big Pomona party.

Guacamole, like fondue and omelets and salsa, boasts a thousand different iterations, depending upon who is wielding the mortar and pestle.

You like extra onions? Throw 'em in. No onions? Okay, a tad strange, but whatever floats your boat. Should your guac be mostly sour cream? Perhaps a touch bland, but we're intrigued. But one thing remains forever unchanged: Rarely, if ever, do we toss our finished bowl of guacamole into the deep fryer before serving. 

That's all out the window -- literally, as in the food pick-up window at the Chicken Charlie's booth -- at the 2015 Los Angeles County Fair. The guacamole shall, in fact, meet the deep fryer at Chicken Charlie's, and avocado aficionados shall experience a gooey ball of greenness that's enswathed in a crispy battery crust.

We're fairly sure that no tortilla chips will be required, unlike 99% of the guacamole-eating experiences out there. What will accompany this LA County Fair exclusive, though? Ranch dressing.

As in, a dip for what is essentially a dip. 

The answer is "yes!" to the question that should be asked right here: "Is this a great country or what?" We mean... dip for your dip. Food pairings clearly have just leveled up.

Chicken Charlie's deep-fried guacamole isn't the only debuting, exclusive-to-the-fair treat of the Pomona-based extravaganza. The famous fry-'em-up booth is also doing a Spicy P&J Burger -- contemplate that for a few minutes, if you must -- and a chicken & waffles dished that arrives enswathed in bacon.

Yes, good eye, we did use "enswathed" twice, because that is exactly how many edibles arrive upon your paper plate at what's called "the largest county fair in the country." The food is often fully enswathed in meat or batter or cookie crumbs or some combo of the three or sky's the limit.

And we don't experience a lot of elaborate enswathing in our day-to-day dining, as a rule. 

If you're intrigued, and ready to go guac in a way you never dreamed, get ready: The LA County Fair is on from Sept. 3 through 27, most days of the week.

Here's your schedule and portal to all of this year's snacks.

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