New: Dog Film Festival in Westwood

The day-long celebration will feature docs, shorts, and more. Woof.

Obviously your dog has a favorite movie, and probably several of them, depending upon her current mood and how her week went and if she is looking for a cozy story or something from the rollicking adventure category.

But whether your pooch is a Benji buff, or raves about Rin Tin Tin, or remains an aficionado of all things Air Bud, all pup-loving people can agree that we humans also bark over films about Fidos. Especially, if we might go out on a leash, those works that wag a tail over those all-important pooch-people bonds.

The Dog Film Festival, an afternoon-long romp trotting for Westwood's Majestic Crest Theatre, will honor just those amazing bonds with two sessions of cinematic doggy delights. 

It's a West Coast premiere for the fest, which began as a vision of Tracie Hotchner, who helms Radio Pet Lady Network. Pet Philanthropy Circle is a partner, and VCA "is sponsoring an Afternoon Tea Pooch Party" during the event, "where the green carpet will be rolled out for dogs and their escorts.

The date? It's Sunday, June 5, from 2 p.m. to 5:30 in the afternoon (within those times look for the two film programs and the tea party). The earlier program is geared a bit more to families, while the later session takes on more mature themes, and will include some subtitles.

Los Angeles isn't the only stop for the film festival, which will feature live-action works, documentaries, and animated treats. East Hampton and New York City are also on the event's travel itinerary.

Cost? It's fifteen bucks per screening, or pay $25 and attend both. A full half of each ticket benefits the Lange Foundation, a SoCal-based organization "dedicated to saving impounded companion animals and preparing them for their journey to a new, safe, and loving world."

The Pooch Party is $150, do note, and includes an all-access pass to the fest. And $50 of each party ticket will support the Lange Foundation.

So whether your shaggy little one is all about Asta from "The Thin Man" films or Snoopy or another cinematic superstar, you, too, dear human, can love films about hounds. Especially when those films feature human-dog bonds and all the good they do and bring.

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