New: Drinks Inspired by '80s Movie Villains

Blockbuster season is upon us, and Messhall is celebrating with a sip-fun look back.

The middle of April, back when you were a movie-loving teenager, was all about what upcoming summer movies had blockbuster potential.

Would there be extreme action? Would there be a few thrilling car chases? And, most important, would the villain be as excellent as all of those old-school '80s antiheroes that audiences still know by name?

Now that you're a grown-up, who still digs an over-the-top flick, there's a different way to raise a toast to those incorrigible rapscallions of the silver screen : By sipping a cocktail created in their dramatic, devious honor.

A series of cinematic libations just debuted at Messhall Kitchen in Los Feliz, and if you know every line to "Die Hard" (you do) or "Lethal Weapon" (ditto), you'll know exactly where the villain-saluting drinks got their memorable names.

There's the Jerry Dandridge cocktail, from the original "Fright Night," and, yes, Chris Sarandon's vampiric turn is still emblazoned on many a mind. Roy Batty of "Blade Runner" has his own Messhall cocktail, too, as does Vilos Cohaagen of "Total Recall."

"The Goonies," "Manhunter," "Highlander," "Robocop," and "Platoon" also have been given sippable spotlights on the special drink menu.

As for the ingredients? Think high-end spirits and cocktail creativity worthy of any splashy plot twist. The Hans Gruber "combines Rittenhouse Rye, Yellow Chartreuse, Pimento Dram (all spice liquor), and hopped grapefruit bitters." The restaurant notes the drink was created as a loving homage to the great Alan Rickman, who passed away earlier this year.

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The actors who made these great roles even greater, and the movies themselves, have remained in our minds, our hearts, and occasionally upon our bedroom walls for years. (Do you still have posters of some of the '80s best toughies, back at your parents' place? Own up if you do.)

These adult takes on beloved films, and the fiesty, dirty-dealing characters who've become legends in pop culture, were created by Austin Mendez, the BarMaster of Messhall. Mr. Mendez digs those classic villains, as does anyone who watched the films back in their youth or discovered them later.

Want to sip a beverage in honor of your best-loved baddie? They're available now to 21-and-over guests, at the Los Feliz Boulevard tavern.

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