New: Escape Room LA Gets Ghosty

The work-together phenom gets a frightful dose of fun, just in time for Halloween.

If you're the sort of person who verbally advises characters in scary movies, the characters who can't figure out the puzzle you instantly see the solution to or how to find their way out of a shadowy basement, you're the exact sort of person who likely rules the school when it comes to the super-mega-popular Escape Room LA.

Escape Room LA is very much a movie concept come to life, with oodles of participant cleverness thrown in. And, occasionally, sweatiness, too, if the clock is about to run out on you and your pals deciphering the clues and solutions to the mystery you need to noodle your way out of the room you occupy.

The themes of escape have come in a few adventurous flavors -- hello Cavern, hello Detective, hello Alchemist -- but the new Theatre experience possesses a strong hint of Halloween and some pit-in-the-stomach phantom-hunting.

The Theatre, which debuts at the downtown attraction on Sunday, Oct. 18, "centers around a ghost that needs to be released within an hour."

No pressure there. Gulp.

And not too scary, as it is billed as "great for all ages." We mean, knowing that you've got a ghost on your hands, and a clock ticking, ticking, ticking, can still get the pulse humming, but think of this more as an elegant horror film you're entering, or, as Escape Room LA puts it, "more using your brain and not eating brain."

For those escape artists who've already done all the rooms, perhaps multiple times, with co-workers or pals, an introduction of a fresh solve-it-fast, just in time for the hauntingest time of year, is a true thriller.

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Even more thrilling: The ghost of The Theatre won't evaporate at midnight on Oct. 31. This is a game that's "ongoing," says a representative of the experience. Good thing there isn't a ticking clock on you getting downtown to help a haunted friend in need, though if you want to join the fast-brain'd fun before Halloween, best get a jumpstart(le) now on those tickets.

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