New Locations: RISE of the Jack O'Lanterns

Thousands of glowing Halloween-y jacks'll, all carved by hand, will fill two fresh SoCal spots.

It can be a tad tough picking out the perfect place for your Halloween pumpkin. Do you set it on the front steps? Or close to the front door? Or maybe further down the walk, where it might catch the notice of trick-or-treaters?

Positioning a jack-o'-lantern takes some noodling around and artful plotting, in short. Now consider how placing 5,000 glowing orange orbs, all carved by hand, might be a bit trickier, and you've got RISE of the Jack O'Lanterns.

The started-in-New-York event made its way to Southern California a few years back, with an initial landing at Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge, followed by a visit to Santa Anita Park.

It's a spectacle that needs space, in short, and it'll find just that at its two new-for-2016 SoCal locations, which were just revealed: the Los Angeles Convention Center and the Fairplex in Pomona.

Will you see both gourds that tell an individual story or have a vivacious visage? Yes. Will you see groups of pumpkins that form a larger beast or scene, like a dragon, say, or other mythical creature? Past years have shown this is so.

And because autumn is on the warm wind, tickets are already available beginning on July 25, courtesy of the "Returning Visitor Appreciation Pre-Sale." A few more special sale events are to come, with Aug. 29 being the public on-sale date.

Do note, pumpkin people, that the LACC and Fairplex RISE of the Jack O'Lantern happenings do not run concurrently. Rather, the convention center's run is around the middle of October, while Fairplex falls near the end of the month.

Buy accordingly, or buy for both, if you find the mysterious glow of a carved autumntime icon to be particularly bewitching. Need to know more about RISE? Rise to autumn's early promise of pomp and pretty pumpkinry here.

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