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New on Wilshire: Shepard Fairey's Peace Tree Mural

A video details the coming together of the grand-scale, new-to-Koreatown artwork.

Adding a fanciful castle to our child's bedroom wall or a simple sun to the back patio can be a project of nearly overwhelming proportions for many of us. How many spires? Should the sun smile? Will this take the better part of my summer?

But we do it, because art is good and the enjoyment of it life-enhancing. Simplistic? Maybe, but there are other ideas in this world that are far easier to dismantle. "Art is good" is one we generally abide by, and thank goodness.

As for public art, which thousands of people can see, admire, and ponder over the course of a day? Consider that its reach is broad, especially when it is almost 10 stories high and on the near one of the most famous boulevards in the west.

We speak of Wilshire Boulevard and artist Shepard Fairey's new "Peace Tree" mural. It went up on the facade of the Line Hotel in Koreatown in the middle of July and it is set to remain in all of its 10-story-high, important-message-sharing glory "for the foreseeable future."

Nice. Especially nice, because the Line is home to a bevy of other artworks, including a D*Face mural.

Have you seen the Peace Tree, which is dominated by shades of crimson, cream, and black? Make for the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Normandie Avenue, or take a quick sneak peek at the mammoth (but smooth) task of deftly apply an artwork to the side of a tall building.

Other cities around the state, from Lompoc to Exeter, have been called "The City of Murals." True true, but, surely, that label very much applies to mural-tastic Los Angeles, too?

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Art is good.

Want to see the full time-lapse of the mural going up? Click click.

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