New: Summer Happy Hour at the Aquarium

Relax to jazz, and ocean-sweet breezes, every Friday through Sept. 1.

Aquarium of the Pacific/Getty

What's happy hour look like in the happy world of fishdom?

It's hard to say, for no human has ever been invited to drop by the sand bar, at 5 o'clock, for a few krill-filled rounds and some convivial socializing, at least to our knowledge. So knowing what kind of appetizers abalone like, and the sorts of spirits the sharks tend to favor, must remain a mystery to we landlubbers.

But here on terra firma, we do have our own wind-down, sit-back, sip-chardonnay moments, and sometimes, if we're lucky, our human-created happy hours happen extremely adjacent to the ocean.

Such will be the lucky case beginning on Friday, July 7 when the brand-new Summer Happy Hour on the Veranda begins at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

The every-Friday deal, which'll keep on swimming right through to Sept. 1, 2017, will have a chill-down vibe, thanks in part to a swanky live jazz soundtrack and some water-lovely views of the nearby harbor.

Good to know? To join the most excellent H2O-close hangout, you will need to have paid aquarium admission or gotten in via your membership. After that step? The happy hour is gratis, at least the entry part.

The hours are 4 to 6 p.m. — if 4 is a tad early, definitely invite your boss, who surely loves the ocean, and aquariums, and discussions regarding groupers and vaquitas and tides, because your boss is cool — and you'll want to have some money on hand for a drink or a noshable.

No free fish food for you at the aquarium, unless you're a fish. Fair? Totally.

The debuting Summer Happy Hour on the Veranda events are yet another interesting way to experience Long Beach's fin-tastic aquatic institution closer to the end of the day. There's also those popular Discounted Late Nights, which are happening over select nights during the summer of '17.

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