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NHM's Free ‘First Fridays' Has Tunes, Ideas, Community

'The Future of Design and Architecture' is the theme; look for invigorating chats and good vibes as you watch from home.


What to Know

  • Friday, May 8 at 6 p.m. (members-only event at 5)
  • The Future of Design & Architecture
  • La Marisoul and DJ Novena Carmel will bring the music

Big, vibrant, enticing ideas, especially interesting notions pertaining to a shared future, can be stickier than glue, more compelling than a favorite novel, and a pulsating path that leads to a new world, or even several new worlds.

But where can one bask in fresh outlooks, for free, while enjoying a little music-spun-live to boot? First Fridays, the stylish and oh-so-scintillating series from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, is one of the quickest and coolest routes you can take.

And First Fridays will again ponder what's down the road, in our near and far days to come, on May 8.

The enjoy-from-home event will include most of the elements that fans have come to love from past First Fridays, though, of course, you'll need to provide whatever beverage you intend to sip (nope, a pop-up bar isn't headed for your home).

The theme is "The Future of Design and Architecture," and the 6 p.m. discussion will rock overtones of the natural world.

"Spider webs, beehives, birds’ nests, termite skyscrapers – all built by the world’s original architects, engineers and designers, and all show the way for human sustainable design."

"Velcro was inspired by burrs on a dog’s coat, a solar lighting system by heliocentric sunflowers. The look and function of our future lies in nature’s vast workshop; we only have to be smart enough to figure it out," is the intriguing prompt on the First Fridays page.

La Marisoul will perform live on Youtube at 7:30, and the DJ Lounge, with KCRW resident DJ Novena Carmel, begins at 8 o'clock.

If you've been doing more reading in recent weeks, and watching of documentaries, but are craving conversation and community, with a future-hopeful character, tune in on May 8 to one of our city's most enduring and mind-exciting events.

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