NKLA Holiday Weekend: $17.76 Pet Adoptions

Make a cuddly connection over the holiday weekend at the Mission Hills Best Friends Animal Society center.

While Fourth of July delivers a number of photo-fun ways to celebrate our animals, from those Uncle Sam-sweet hats that'll fit a schnauzer to red, white, and blue accessories, pet people also keep in mind that the fireworks associated with the holiday can bring stress to some of our canine pals.

Some of those canines find their way into shelters, following the pyrotechnic-laden occasion, shelters that already are caring for a multitude of whiskery, home-needing animals.

If supporting an animal center that does a lot of good for Southern California's critters this holiday is on your mind, and you think you might want to see if it is time to meet a new forever friend, you're in some happy luck: NKLA is offering adoptions for $17.76 at the Mission Hills-based Best Friends Animal Society over the holiday weekend.

And this isn't just a two-or-three-dayer, either. It's on for a full five days, from Friday, June 30 to Tuesday, July 4.

Making Mission Hills not in your plans over the next few days? "Select pets" over the age of six months will also be available, for the $17.76 adoption fee, at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center on the Westside.

Addresses for both places can be found here. And, truly, both are open on Independence Day, as of 8 a.m., if that sounds like a family-nice thing to do on the holiday morning.

"There are hundreds of pets to choose from and each pet is fixed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and ready to go home immediately," is the good word on the NKLA Facebook page.

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Ready to Fourth-it-up with a furry love? Whether that involves a pup-sized Uncle Sam hat, some cuddles during the fireworks, or a new friend via NKLA? You can, with just a bit of paperwork, and some meet-and-greet time, at the Mission Hills Best Friends Animal Society or the one near Santa Monica Boulevard and the 405.

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