NKLA Kitten Shower: Give a Meow

Can you donate a needed item, one that's found on a helpful list?

Before social media, we may have not realized that Aug. 8 is International Cat Day, if a cat-loving friend didn't phone us and we didn't see it in the paper.

Wait. One second, now. That's not true at all. For if you call a cat a companion, somehow, deep inside, you definitely are aware that the calendar is rife with feline festivities, and that most days of the year likely have some sort of celebratory cat-related occasion involved.

But after the eighth of August ends, don't stow your wearable cat ears and Velcro tail just yet, for the meow-sweet party continues on Sunday, Aug. 13. Nope, it isn't an International Cat Day sort of deal at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center, but it is a coo-able, too-cute, let's-help-out kitten shower.

That's right, a kitten shower, though you don't have to fret about not winning any of the traditional games or not liking the cake at this particular shower.

Rather, the NKLA event is all about collecting much-needed donated goods on behalf of a whole host of regional animal rescue groups, organizations that are a part of the NKLA Coalition.

Want to contribute? You can swing by from noon to 2 p.m. on Aug. 13 and drop off your item at the center, which is located in West LA at 1845 Pontius Avenue.

Need gift ideas? There's a whole kitten-cute caboodle of 'em listed on the NKLA Kitten Shower Amazon wishlist.

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Kitten nurser bottles, kitten beds, and kitten powder to make sure the wee furry is getting the right vitamins and minerals are all on the roster, as are throw blankets, heating pads, and both dry and canned food, in addition to other necessities.

Perhaps your own puss lives like royalty — we'll guess this is so, and send appreciation for all you do for animals — but if you long to go a bit further for those felines who need a leg up, and some care and coddling, the Aug. 13 Kitten Shower is a kind-hearted start.

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