No Yolk: Sanrio's Gudetama Gracing Highland Park Bowl

The sleepy, sometimes cranky egg character may now be seen 'round the cool bar and lanes.

What to Know

  • Highland Park Bowl
  • Special egg-topped pizzas, "dramatically decorated" bowling lanes, more
  • Gudetama-themed bowling merchandise is for sale

Sanrio's best-known superstar must surely be Hello Kitty, which is beyond understandable, given the character's sparkly outlook, bright bow, and sheer positivity, traits she has rocked for over four super-fun decades now.

But recent years have seen a devoted fandom growing for a shell of a guy who can be a bit sleepy, a bit cranky, and prone to staying in bed (which, quite often, is a plate containing bacon and other breakfast foods).

It's Gudetama we speak of, of course, one of Sanrio's most beloved icons, a fellow that doesn't always embrace the ebullient side of life, but does yawn, sigh, and express a lot of the "so over it" feelings we humans know so well.

Not only is he a good egg, but, well... He's an egg.

And while Gudetama can be a bit ho-hum about life, he is up off his iconic plate and gracing several items at a new address: Highland Park Bowl.

The vintage bowling alley and bar recently entered a partnership with Sanrio, bringing the yolk-rocking favorite to the venue in numerous ways.

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Is he on some of the bowling balls? Yep. Is there a special egg-topped pizza you can order? Mmm. And will you see Gudetama's sweet face on some of the polished bowling lanes? He's there, so look for him.

And look for the special "themed bowling package," which is available through February 2019, if you want to further Gudetama-up your life.

And if you want to further further Gudetama-up your life, take note: There's a Sanrio-sweet costume contest at Highland Park Bowl's Halloween Party on Saturday, Oct. 27.

This isn't the first friendship between the Japanese pop culture powerhouse and a Southern California destination; Sanrio and Tanaka Farms paired up a couple of years back to bring Hello Kitty and her pals to special happenings, like the Irvine property's annual pumpkin patch.

Are you egg'd-on over the glorious Gudetama and his oh-so-gettable grumpiness? Best make for the Highland Park bowling alley for all the Gudetama-ness you require.

Omlette-ing you onto a secret: This is where the adorable egg's aficionados will congr-egg-ate in the months to come, no yolking.

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