NORMS Hatches a Great Big Egg Giveaway

Make a pick-up purchase of ten dollars or more, then head home with two dozen eggs, plus another half dozen on top of that.

NORMS/Classen Rafael-EyeEm

What to Know

  • NORMS Restaurants
  • Get 30 free eggs with a takeout purchase of $10 or more (while supplies last)
  • Through April 15, 2020

Scrambles, breakfast burritos, quiches, and cakes: Eggs have proven, throughout time, that they shell, er, shall add a lot of pow-packing protein to our daily eating.

And we've been looking to eggs, during this #SaferatHome period, to up our protein, our energy, and that full feeling. Finding several of them in one savory swoop? It's exciting (or egg-citing, if you prefer).

NORMS Restaurants understands our common and binding obsession with all things egg. And to help us fill the fridge, and maybe even have a few eggs left over, if the Easter Bunny needs back-up, there is a giveaway happening now.

The giveaway? Spend ten bucks on your NORMS takeout order, leave with 30 free eggs.

Well, from Friday, April 10 through Wednesday, April 15, and first things should always be first: This is a while-supplies-last kind of deal.

And if you spend $30? You can, yes, walk away with 90 eggs. But again, "while supplies last" applies, so best check first before you place your order.

This omelet-making, poached-perfect giveaway isn't the only thing happening at your local NORMS.

The value-driven NORMS Family Meals, which feature a variety of foods and feed several people, have been a popular choice for families cooking at home during these stay-at-home weeks, while a recently expanded Value Menu is available for take-out.

As for those NORMS Care Packages, which gives you a heap of eats to cook at home? They're still available, too.

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