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NORMS Now Has Comfort Food Care Packages

The Bigger Better Breakfast Package even includes a roll of toilet paper.

NORMS Restaurants

What to Know

  • NORMS Restaurants
  • Pick-up only for now (updated March 25); orders are taken 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily
  • $35 each

Ever sent someone a care package?

You know that every goodie you included, every food item or card or photograph or gift, was chosen with love and care.

Ever received a care package?

You likely reached inside the box and discovered a number of delights, the sort of snacks or sweet things that made your day, or even your week.

NORMS Restaurants knows about comforting us, thanks to the fact that its iconic diners have been serving comfort food to legions of loyal Angelenos for decades now.

In that spirit, it has created a series of Care Packages, the sort of open-'em-at-home boxes that brim with the appetizing foodstuffs we're craving while we stay at home during this time.

The one sure to catch plenty of eyes is the one built around what NORMS is famous for: An incredibly hearty breakfast.

The Bigger Better Breakfast Package, which was created to feed a family, includes 15 eggs, one pound of bacon, one pound of sausage, one pound of boneless sliced ham, two pounds of hashed brown, fruit, milk or juice, a half dozen rolls, biscuits, or bread, and...

... a roll of toilet paper.

There are other care packages available, too, though keep in mind the breakfast box is the only one with TP.

The other, later-in-the-day meal packages? They include one built around a quartet of T-bone steaks and another package themed to Porterhouse steaks.

There's a salmon package, one focused on chicken, and a few other options, too (salad lovers, you're in some crunchy, dressing-delicious luck).

Things to know?

You can put your order in with your local NORMS, for pick-up (updated as of March 25), beginning at 7 in the morning, and this is definitely a "while supplies last" kind of offer. (It's also a "no substitutions please" offer, too.)

Each guest can order one, and one only, and the price? They're $35 each.

If you've been missing your favorite booth, the friendly server who remembers the kind of beverage you like, and all of the bustling hubbub of your local NORMS, consider this a way to bring the restaurant home to your own kitchen during #SaferatHome.

Eager to see what's in every package? Oh yum: All of the Care Package items are deliciously listed here.

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