Nosh Sustainably at Off the Hook Seafood Fest

The Santa Monica Pier party will benefit Heal the Bay.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Oct. 6
  • Santa Monica Pier
  • $65 advance admission

The enduring adoration of the ocean?

It's a lifestyle, a commitment, a way of approaching the world, as anyone who has ever been bitten by this particular fancy, er, fish, well knows.

And a major subcategory of oceanic affection is an affinity for seafood, be it shrimp or crab or octopus or any of the meals that spring from la mer.

But loving the ocean, as you do, and knowing that your seafood dinner may hail from a source that isn't observing sustainable practices, can leave any maven of the waves feeling conflicted, sad, and as blue as the Pacific.

There are, however, happenings that are dedicated to raising the profile of sustainable seafood, and Off the Hook Seafood Festival, a briny bash seen each fall at Santa Monica Pier, is one of those events.

The next one is up on the afternoon of Saturday, Oct. 6, and the beneficiary will be both near and dear to many people who also are near and dear to the sustainable food practices: Heal the Bay.

The hours to be upon the pier, if you'd like to try tidbits from Del Frisco's Grille, The Lobster, Chaya Venice, Jimmy's Famous American Tavern, and several more: Four o'clock through to 7 in the evening, which means you'll also be there during a quintessential, sun-dipping-into-the-Pacific sunset.

If you want to go VIP? The party starts an hour early, at 3, oh yeah.

A ticket? If you're a Little Fish, it is $65, and that includes wine tastings, and some other good stuff. Yep, there are games. Indeed, there's entertainment.

More of a Big Fish? Go the VIP route with a $100 ticket, which includes both cocktails of the curated variety and preferred seating.

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