Now Arriving: Automated Burritos of the Future

"The world's first burrito kiosk" debuts on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Did someone tell the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM machine, that there's a new automated edible in town?

No worries if not: This new device is of the savory sort, and not at all in culinary competition with the Beverly Hills-based sweet dispenser.

Did you just think to yourself "please be a burrito machine, please be a burrito machine" over and over, just then?

We totally guessed it, principally because the words "automated" and "burrito" are in the headline. Also, 9 out of 10 people daydream about the day when automated burrito dispensing becomes a fact of the future. Truth? Yeah.

That burritotastic day is nigh. So nigh that Burritobox -- that's the madcap idea's oh-so-catchy name -- is set to show up in not one but two Santa Monica Boulevard gas stations. The first debut happened at the close/start of the year, inside the new Mobil at 8380 W. Santa Monica Boulevard, and the second one is set for a 76 at Santa Monica Boulevard and Beverly Glen.

So how does a Burritobox work? If you've operated a vending machine, ever, then you're already a pro. Give money, pick burrito, pick toppings, get food.

The wrapped goodies contain no hormones and no antibiotics, so think of it as haute cuisine for the quick crowd. And the burritos themselves? Choices include breakfast burritos -- the eggs are cage-free, yep -- and toppings and fillings for your non-breakfast-y burrito desires.

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Non-breakfast-y burrito=chicken and rice, though you might eat that for breakfast. There's no judgment in the burrito world, only acceptance and support.

Ask for sour cream and a packet of sour cream arrives with your order. Same deal with guac. So you'll need to add the toppings yourself, but you've torn open a packet of ketchup while sitting in your parked car before, right, with your teeth? You got this. (Also, stop using your teeth to open stuff.)

Prices start on the bring a few dollars side, as with all tonier vend-a-teriums.

As for the other food machines around town? Well, the first person to visit a Burritobox and then go to the Sprinkles ATM for a cupcake dessert will be, um... the first person to visit a Burritobox and then have dessert at the Sprinkles ATM.

But, you know, bragging rights and all that. We're a car culture and we do love our tastily made quickly gotten grub, no doubt about it.

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