Now Open: Ghost Town Alive! at Knott’s

It's a story-filled, high jinx-happy time that's both rootin' and tootin', in Buena Park.

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Drive to an atmospheric, story-filled ghost town?

It's a road trip many Southern Californians take this time of year, which is no surprise, given that we live just a few hours from some of the most spectacular and well-preserved Old West burgs around.

But, for the most part, these towns remain respectfully silent, and free of the rootin', tootin' action they once saw back in the late 1800s, when horses clip-clopped, the saloons were rowdy, and an assortment of colorful characters ruled.

There is a place to go see some of that old-style rootin'-tootin'-ness, and while the location wasn't an actual Old West town, it can be deemed quite historic. It's Calico which is located at the beloved Ghost Town at Knott's Berry Farm, a truly vintage, decades-old section of the Buena Park theme park. And it will once again lasso the days of yore via its summer-long Ghost Town Alive! experience.

The songful, dance-ready, past-is-now, "authentic western adventure" opened on Saturday, May 27.

The yarn behind all of the ten-gallon'd people you'll meet? The dastardly Mayfield Gang is on the loose, and your able assistance is required in rounding 'em up. Prepare to take on "specific tasks" as you fulfill your "...role as an honorary citizen of Calico."

Can you help Sheriff Wheeler and the townsfolk of Calico nab the bandits? Can you, in fact, get these kind people out of the jam they're in? Jam. They're in. Just a little Knott's-style humor for the boysenberry buffs in the crowd.

Pull up those proverbial bootstraps, tie on your lucky neck kerchief, and find out if you have the gumption, and can-do, to lend some love to a (ghost) town in need.

But don't spend too long on the bootstraps-pulling-up, for Ghost Town Alive! only clip-clops at Calico through Monday, Sept. 4.

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