Nyuk Along with the Three Stooges in Glendale

If it's the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the nyuks shall be out in full 'n festive force, in Glendale.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Nov. 25 at the Alex Theatre at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.
  • A walk-up ticket is $16
  • Crème de la Cream Pies is the theme

Pies, as in the dessert sort, and not the pizza sort, have taken a highly artisanal turn in recent years. (Well, pizza pies have, too, but that's for another cheesy, sauce-laden, pepperoni-topped discussion.)

Think apple pies, rhubarb pies, and chocolate pies: They taste fancy and they look dang highbrow nowadays, especially the crust. Which means that locating the actual pie-pie buried beneath what amounts to a full can of whipped cream doesn't happen all that much in modern times.

But in a movie or short from "The Three Stooges"? You'll find plenty of cream-rich pies just ready to be wildly tossed, smushed upon other people's mugs, and handled with abandoned, but almost never actually eaten.

Pies are one of the hallmarks of the vaudeville icons, a troupe that also brought "nyuk" into the American lexicon and an assortment of visual high jinks that lifted movie goers' spirits in and around the Great Depression (and before and after, too, of course).

The Alex Film Society pauses each year, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, to Stooge it up, and Stooge it up, it shall, at the Alex Theatre on Saturday, Nov. 25. That's when the 20th Annual The Three Stooges Big Screen Event will nyuk-nyuk for those looking for a post-holiday smile.

"Crème de la Cream Pies" is the 2017 theme, a bevy of spirited shorts will be shown, "Stooges family members, friends & co-stars in attendance!" is the vow, and there shall be raffle baskets brimming with Stooge-oriented goodies.

Tickets? Information? All the nyukery you need? Unhand that pie, the one piled with fresh whipped cream, and visit the Alex Theater web site at once.

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