Costa Mesa

OC Fair Food Fans, There's a New Drive-Thru for You

We'll take a sleeve of cookies, a funnel cake, and a turkey leg, please.

OC Fair

What to Know

  • Begins Aug. 28
  • Fridays and Saturdays noon to 8 p.m., Sundays noon to 6 p.m.
  • OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa; enter from Gate 1

Of all the curious and quirky enterprises that have popped up over the summer of 2020 in drive-thru form, "food" isn't high on anyone's offbeat, can-you-believe-that? list.

For food and the drive-thru?

That's a tried-and-true duo that's been around for decades, and finding a restaurant with a drive-thru feature is really as simple as driving down the street and keeping your eyes peeled.

But wait: What if the food available at a drive-thru didn't hail from a traditional restaurant but rather a county fair? A fair that was canceled due to the pandemic, at least as an in-person experience?

Okay, you got us: That IS new.

But then the OC Fair has always been at the appetizing edge of food novelty, thanks to its inventive vendors, the innovators who are always ready to stick any sort of snack on a stick.

And that's just what's happening at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa starting on Friday, Aug. 28.

Turkey leg lovers and funnel cake fans, get ready, for the OC Fair Food Drive-Thru is ready to make its powdered sugar-covered, ketchup-doused debut.

It's a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday kind of thing, do note. And as far as an end date goes? None is listed on the site as of its opening week, though word is it may wrap near the end of September.

It's a dream to think this one might go and go, but go soon, for your Dippin' Dots or Hot Dog on a Stick or Hawaiian Chicken Bowl, because it will wrap one day.

But then, who knows? The virtual OC Fair is still going, thanks to the free content that is still live on the fair's site, even though the online happening officially wrapped a few weeks back.

As for the full list of fair-style eats? You can find them at the Fair Food Drive-Thru site.

Might this be something fresh-to-2020 that stays? A fair food drive-thru that's open all year?

OC Fair, please hear our most fervent funnel cake-based wishes, please and thank you.

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