OC Fair Just Squealed About Its 2020 Theme

Are you ready for some 'Fun' in Costa Mesa? You're in luck.

What to Know

  • Costa Mesa
  • July 17-Aug. 16, 2020
  • Wednesday-Sunday

Squealing about something big?

We'd never dare act like such a thing is, across the board, totally bad.

In fact, when little hoof-prancing piglets are squealing, and you're standing near the famous red barn of Centennial Farm while at the OC Fair, well, squealing is the sweetest and most endearing sound on the planet.

So when we say that OC Fair has also done some squealing, it is purely complimentary, for anything a piglet does is a perfect thing, without quibble.

And the venerable summertime spectacular did indeed do a little squealing of its own on Thursday, Nov. 21. It revealed, er, squealed, the next theme for the Costa Mesa-based event, which will run Wednesdays through Sundays from July 17-Aug. 16, 2020.

That theme?

It's "All for Fun," a motto which puts the spotlight on what the fair does best (be fun) and the fact that doing it in a group, the "all"  part, has a way of increasing the general joy of the day.

The theme "... will be the first of a three-year series of fair themes focusing on inclusiveness and celebrating the diverse aspects of Southern California that brings us all together," says a release from the fair.

Are you ready to embrace "All for Fun"? Stay tuned: Both Super Passes and tickets will go on sale in December 2019.

We're feeling pretty darn squeal-y about that, like a piglet gets squeal-y when something exciting and/or delightful is happening, like dinnertime, sibling playtime, or cuddle time with mom.

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