OC Fair Reveals 2016 Fried Treats

Bacon-y, French toast-y bites are on the extensive menu.

Awaiting the listing of deep-fried edibles headed for at a county fair is not dissimilar to anticipating the rumor-fueled roster of a major music festival or the slate of summer blockbusters.

For all anticipatory events have their serious, scholarly fans, fans who will change up schedules and reroute trips just to be in front of the stage, or the movie screen, or the food booth, to savor the moment they've been dreaming about.

Fans of the Orange County Fair, and its fried offerings, best now take a seat, because the Costa Mesa spectacular has announced the fryer-sizzly edibles that will be front-and-centered during the 2016 to-do.

How fried are these treats? Tucking a napkin into your shirt as you read on isn't a wholly bad ideal.

The Bacon Nutella Pickle is pretty self-explanatory, name-wise, but you may want to know how those particular foodstuffs come together and where to find them. The place? Pickle O' Pete's. The concoction? The dill pickle is filled with the sweet hazelnut spread before it is looped in bacon and submerged in funnel cake batter.

After that? The bubbling fryer awaits, then, after a cooldown, your tummy.

Biggy's has the Pork Belly Bacon Dog, which involves two feet — we'll type that again, two feet — of bacon. The meatstuff entwines the pork belly before it meets corn dog batter and, you guessed it, the fryer.

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Bacon will also wrap French Toast Bacon Bombs at Bacon A-Fair. Bits of French toast get a cream cheese filling before a outer bacon coating. There's some deep-frying, and then these bites are "rolled in cinnamon sugar."

There are other items beyond the famous deep-fried dishes of the fair, like the Diablito Sundae at Fruit Caboose (Tamarindo and chili chamoy sauce give it kick) and a classic Dole Whip at Crutchee's Ice Cream.

But deep-fried concoctions remain the dare-you-to-try-it headliners of the July 15-Aug. 14 fair. 

Who wants a Chicken Waffle on a Stick? A Deep-Fried Pizza Log? Kool-Aid Hot Wings? Rev up your chowdown anticipation for all that is offbeat and batter-bacon-y, deep-fried fans.

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