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OC Fair Tickets Go on Sale Soon (Yep, Capacity Is Limited)

Pig petters, Ferris fans, and munchers of fried treats: The Costa Mesa spectacular returns in July, but you'll likely need to book your spot in May or June.

OC Fair

What to Know

  • Single-day tickets go on sale on Saturday, May 1
  • The OC Fair runs from July 16-Aug. 15, Wednesdays through Sundays (limited capacity)
  • OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa

We often say "the day after next" when we're talking about the errands, must-dos, and random odds 'n ends we need to complete in two days.

Saying "the month after next," however?

That particular phrasing doesn't appear quite as often in everyday conversation, because while that's a time period that is can be described as "soon-ish," it doesn't feel quite as urgent as what will happen in just a few days.

But what if you could talk about visiting a world-class county fair "the month after next," and what if that anticipation-filled idea could carry you through the remainder of the spring and early summer, too?

You can begin saying exactly that, on May 1, for the 2021 OC Fair will indeed open "the month after next" in Costa Mesa.

We spotlight May 1 for that reason, but for another important reason, too: That's the day when tickets go on sale for the in-person event, which runs Wednesdays through Sundays from July 16 through Aug. 15, 2021.

The major story of the upcoming fair is, of course, how to welcome fairgoers back safely following a year-plus of pandemic closures and new guidelines.

Which means that capacity will be limited, with fewer tickets sold (and all sold in advance).

Which makes the next point we're about to cover as clear to see as the curly tail on a piglet, the lights on the Tilt-A-Whirl, and powdered sugar on a funnel cake: If you'd like to attend, you'll need to purchase your single-day admission early, ahead of opening day, before all of the days likely sell out.

Ticket prices will remain what they were in 2019, thanks to a vote by the fair's board. General parking remains $10.

"This summer it truly will be 'Time for Fun' and we’re bringing back that special joy you can only find at the OC Fair," said Michele Richards, OC Fair & Event Center CEO.

"The animals, the crazy food, the entertainment and people coming out to enjoy the sunshine — this is what OC Fair memories are made of and we're happy to be able to safely welcome fairgoers back this year."

There'll be plenty to know before you go, in terms of what to expect regarding safety measures, what you'll see, and how to prepare, ticket-wise (for example, you'll be able to purchase tickets to the carnival attractions online).

Booths and attractions will also be "spaced out" while "... (t)here are also changes planned at entertainment stages, food locations, competition displays and in the carnival midway areas."

Read everything on the OC Fair site, which will also be updating any potential concert information soon.

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