OC Whimsy: Edward Scissorhands Winter Formal

Spike your hair, don your leather, and make for Santa Ana.

When we ponder those holly- and tinsel-bedecked films that play again and again (and again and so on) during the second half of December, we tend to alight upon a dozen or so flicks involving top-hatted misers and small-town-y good guys and couples who ice skate, drink cocoa, and fall in love, typically in that order.

But many a Christmas-loving film fan has kept one fantasy flick near-and-dear each December over the last quarter century. It's light on misers and mistletoe but not charm, offbeat-a-tude, or Burbank cred: It's "Edward Scissorhands," Tim Burton's charming Gothic-drizzled sugar cookie, a flick sparkly with snow and ice sculptures and Important, Meaningful Lessons (that aren't actually saccharine at all).

CinemAttack! will celebrate those who make this their numero uno holiday-time viewing with a Winter Formal in Santa Ana on Friday, Dec. 19. The place? The Frida Cinema. The time? It's 10 o'clock in the eve.

The haps? Well, you don't need to tape scissors to your fingers — probably a bad idea — but you should get dressy, and hair-spiky, if you choose, and think darkly divine, as a character in the film might.

A hairstyle contest is part of the night's doings, "festive prizes," "crazy prizes," a guest from the North Pole, and, you bet, Johnny Dep. That's Johnny Dep with a single "p," please note. Seen Tim & Eric's "Diamond Jim"? Then you know the mirth and strangeness ahead.

A ticket is $15. There shall be treats. 

And, yes, we say the film has been around for a quarter century, but it'll actually mark its 25th next year. Still, hard to believe that "Edward Scissorhands" has been around for that long, when its satire, colors, and quirk still feel as fresh as a just planted poinsettia.

As for the aforementioned Burbank connection? Well, Mr. Burton is a Burbankian by birth, and while "Edward Scissorhands" found its candy-cute neighborhood setting in Florida, the feel of the film absolutely evokes the big B. In short? It's a film with California and Christmas cred, both.

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