OC Zoo's Super-Cute Critter Christmas

Watching animals tear open gifts with treats inside? That feels like a gift for us.

OC Zoo

What to Know

  • Saturday, Dec. 14
  • 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • $2 (parking additional)

Finding a fir tree absolutely crowded with animal ornaments, the sort of felt-covered, squishy-sweet baubles that depict the sort of furry or prickly beasties found in the wild?

It's a popular motif in the realm of holiday decorating, whether you choose to hang up tiny bears or tiny porcupines or wee forest birds. But actually communing with those critters come the Christmas season? It just doesn't happen.

But there are places where we can admire the prickly and scaly and furry ones, up close, as they open packages filled with just the sorts of treats they especially love.

That spot? It's the OC Zoo, in Orange, and it is throwing a special celebration over five festive hours on Saturday, Dec. 14.

Holiday Merriment with the Animals will boast a bevy of cheery sights, from the zoo's seasonal decorations to "holiday-inspired crafts and games." Mr. and Mrs. Claus will also stop by, which is no surprise, since they know each and every animal on the planet personally, or so we've heard.

And, yes, getting to see a raccoon or a porcupine or a big cat absolutely crush a box that is full of healthy goodies is one of the rarer pleasures of the yuletide season.

The cost is quite friendly for the holidays, too: It's two dollars per person, and all activities are free. Parking is five dollars per vehicle.

Need more nature in your Noël? Your tree, the one that's covered in critter ornaments, says that you probably do.

Find your way to some actual, IRL furry ones, in Orange, as they themselves experience the delicious fun of the season.

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