October at Sprinkles Brims With Frosting-Topped Frights

"Bewitched," a red velvet cupcake, is one upcoming item on the hauntingly adorable line-up.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

What to Know

  • Four frightful flavors will be available at different times during the month, with the candy-laden Trick or Treat Cupcake popping up on Oct. 30 and 31
  • Other spotlight cupcakes include Black Velvet, Double Stuffed Oreo, and Bewitched
  • Sprinkles also has a trio of make-cupcakes-at-home kits

Dropping a cupcake spookily slathered in rich icing in a treat bucket, the sort of candy container that is already full of wrapped goodies?

That's totally not happening, we're going to guess.

For one thing, there's the frosting situation, and for another thing, you're going to want to save that cupcake for yourself, to deliciously devour before you open the door to trick-or-treaters, or perhaps after the eerie evening ends, when you're back on your couch watching a favorite fright flick.

If that not-at-all-terrifying notion tempts, then take haunted heart: Sprinkles Cupcakes just pulled back the veil on its limited-time October cupcakes.

Starting at the end of the month, since that is where all of our eyes are turned, there's the Trick or Treat Cupcake, a candy-laden fantasy that will be available on Oct. 30 and 31 (you can order on Oct. 25 and 26).

Moving backwards through time, which sometimes happens in a spooky film? The Bewitched Cupcake, which boasts red velvet and Halloween decorations (courtesy of Fancy Sprinkles), is available from Oct. 25-31, 2021.

The Double Stuffed Oreo Cupcake is available from Oct. 18 through Halloween, there's plenty of Oreo oomph (as well as a "bright" orange buttercream, to give it fall flair).

And the first confection on the ghoulish line-up? The Black Velvet Cupcake, a tempting "twist" on the velvet-themed treat we know so well (that would be red).

For cupcakers looking to go the bake-your-own at home, there shall be a trio of kits: The "Halloween Bake Box with ready-to-eat Halloween cupcakes and baked goods; a Halloween Do it cupcake decorating kit; and a Halloween baking kit," too.

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