October in a Cup: Chado Tea Celebrates ‘Chadoween'

The celebrated purveyor of fine teas has conjured up some leafy loveliness that's got autumnal oomph to spare.


What to Know

  • Chado Tea started in Los Angeles in 1990
  • The company, which has a number of tea rooms around Southern California, also offers elegant tea blends for purchase online
  • "Black Magic" is its spotlight tea for Halloween 2021; you can also find ideas for Halloween tea cocktails on the Chado Tea blog

Describing something as "aromatically October" might seem slightly obtuse, but most people would nose, er, know what you're talking about.

Such an aroma might include some of the deeper fall fragrance notes, like cloves and caramel, and savoring a pot on a chilly autumn afternoon would surely connect you, sip-by-sip, with the spirit of the season.

There are plenty of fine teas with fall flair in the air, but one of our region's leaf-laden powerhouses, Chado Tea, has created a few blends that have both Halloween-style moxie and cool-down crispness.

It's no surprise that this purveyor of elegant tea blends knows how to swirl a season's essence into a loose leaf bag of spicy goodness: Chado Tea celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2020, and anyone who has purchased a blend online, or visited a local Chado Tea Room, knows this is a group of people passionate about perfect tea experiences.

So what's merrily materializing for "Chadoween" in 2021? Black Magic is one of the tempting tea choices available at the Chado Tea site.

The fall-flavored blend includes apple pieces, as well as clove and bits of caramel, and ginger, too.

Oh wait: Carrot is at play in this playful concoction, adding an extra layer of produce stand-inspired delight (the sort of outdoor farm stand you might just call upon in the fall).

You can find four ounces of this festive offering at the Chado Tea site, for $18 (it's currently on sale; the standard price is $20).

There's more Halloween-oriented aromatic-a-tude in the air on the Chado Tea blog, with recent posts covering several seasonal topics, including hosting a Halloween tea and Halloween tea cocktails.

Are you looking for fresh kitchen or party inspiration, but hoping also to incorporate tea as a main taste?

Stop by the site and peruse both the blog and Black Magic now.

'Tis the season for warmer drinks, and seeking quality quaffing that has longtime ties to our city, and to the zestier side of the season, feels a bit like finding your favorite candy inside your treat bucket.

For more Chadoween cheer, follow the spicy/sweet scents of the season now.

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