Off the Hook Seafood Fest: Surfrider Fundraiser

Enjoy three hours of breezes, bites, and a perfect sunset, at Santa Monica Pier.

If you could put a bunch of nice things in a box, and wrapped it all up, what goodies would you choose to include? An ocean sunset? The singular sound of the waves? A classic pier? An autumn Saturday afternoon? An array of seafood bites?

And the nicest thing of all, which is helping a terrific cause? That could be the bow on top of this pretty present.

It would have to be a mighty large package to fit all of those items, it's true. But this isn't a gift you need to look for in shops or online; it's happening on Saturday, Oct. 14 at the Off the Hook Seafood Festival in Santa Monica.

The aforementioned pier is the Santa Monica Pier, yes, the "afternoon" bit means the festival is on from 4 to 7 p.m., and the part about helping a great organization?

The festival is a fundraiser for the Surfrider Foundation of West LA-Malibu, a volunteer non-profit "...dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's ocean, waves and beaches."

The $65 Little Fish ticket nets you seafood tastings from a host of chefs and eateries, plus beverage tastings, too, including beer and wine. The $90 Big Fish ticket has a VIP lounge experience attached, an earlier entry, too, by an hour.

As for the restaurants you'll see around the pier? The Albright, Gladstone's, Del Frisco's Grille, and The Lobster are all bringing the briny tastes, in addition to a number of other local seafooderies.

So soak up the waves, the sunset, the food, and the giving back, all pleasures you can enjoy without requiring a roll of wrapping paper, a box, or the card on top.

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