Oh Delish, It's the Vegan Street Fair, in NoHo

Admission is free to this wonderland of plant-based bites.

What to Know

  • March 23 and 24, 11 to 7
  • Chandler Boulevard in North Hollywood
  • Free admission; food additional

Vegan? Vegan-friendly? Vegan-adjacent? A place for plant plates? 

Many local dine-arounders are always on the look-out for such signs, the sort of prominent notices that might appear on a web site, a social page, or in a restaurant's window.

But, if you're vegan, such signs can appear too infrequently, meaning you must muddle through the few okay-for-you menu choices at other eateries.

The opposite of that gotta-find-something feeling, though?

When an entire festival goes vegan, meaning that anything you choose to order will be on your personal a-ok, this-is-for-me list.

The Vegan Street Fair in North Hollywood is one of the biggies on the vegan-themed event calendar, and, even biggier? The fact that entry is free. 

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For sure, this is a "pay vendors directly" kind of deal, so show up at the Chandler Boulevard bash with money for vegan lasagna, vegan falafel, vegan pupusas, and so many other straight-from-the-planet delights.

On the showing-up roster at the March 23 and 24 fair? Vicious Dogs, The Vegan Hooligans, Bohemian Bowls, and lotsa-lotsa more.

And we aren't fooling around on the "lotsa-lotsa" bit; take a look.

It's the first weekend of spring, too, which feels like the ideal moment for a full-on vegan-forward embracing of healthy and flavorful eats.

What can you eat there? Well, everything. 

One bonus? There'll be four-dollar bites, if you want to try a few different things, which you probably most assuredly definitely will.

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