Oh Gourdness, Mr. Bones Will Soon Be Back

We're pumped, or maybe pumpkin'd is more apt, for the return of this classic Culver City patch.

Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch

What to Know

  • Oct. 4-30 daily
  • West LA College, 10100 Jefferson Blvd., Culver City
  • Fee depends on day and time

Warning: We're in the mood to exaggerate a bit, though not by much. And here's where we want to go right now: It feels hot enough to sizzle a squash on any sidewalk in Southern California. 

For it feels so toasty out that we could probably toast a pan of pumpkin seeds by placing them on any available car roof.

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And does it feel like the sort of summer weather that could melt a pile of pulp? The kind of pulp you remove from a pumpkin as you design your perfect jack o'lantern?

Gourdness yes.

It's on the scorching side, as far as what we can expect in Southern California around this time of year, which has us daydreaming of autumn's semi-chilly breezes. (Or, true, semi-temperate breezes, which are still cooler than what we're facing as August tempestously draws to a caliente close.)

So here's today's cool-down fall fodder: Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch, one of our region's most charming and orange-awesome outings, will return to Culver City in just over a month. 

First day? That would be Friday, Oct. 4, and the attraction, which is known for attracting celebrities, and the occasional paparazzo, will keep it going daily through to Oct. 30.

If you know your Mr. Bones back story, you know that it has been pumpkin-ing up our lives since 1987, and that the pumpkins hail from Oregon. 

It's also the place to go if you are seeking out "(p)umpkin-carving services," or perhaps a few ways to spend the day with your tots, from straw mazes to face painting to other cute-as-a-mini-pumpkin pursuits.

As for your get-in fee?

Just check the site before you and your family head out to pick your perfect potential carver.

Yep, it is Summer still, with a big ol' capital S, but we can start going to town on our gourd-based decorating plans while we await cooler days.

Our squash dreams, in short, will not be squashed by scorching afternoons.

See you soon, Mr. Bones, and all of those fall-fabulous pumpkins that fill your picture-worthy attraction.

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