Oh Happy Day, Porto's Is Launching Home Delivery

The beloved eatery is offering home bakers five heat-'em-up favorites, including dulce de leche besitos.

What to Know

  • Porto's Bakery & Cafe
  • Sizes: 2 dozen, 3-4 dozen, 5-6 dozen
  • Dulce de leche besitos, meat pies, more...


They can crank up our cravings, at any time of the day.

And if you're having a hankering for a particular treat, and you can't get to the eatery that famously makes the famous foodstuff, well, your hankering will have to go unhankered.

But if you're a devotee of dulce de leche besitos, or a maven of meat pies, and you can only be satisfied with how Porto's Bakery & Cafe makes 'em, well then.

You'd have to get to the company's long-running Glendale restaurant, or the one in Burbank, or the other Porto's places that have been springing up around the area in recent years.

That's all changing on Tuesday, Oct. 9, thanks to Porto's new "Bake at Home" delivery service.

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Oh yes: You can now slide a cookie sheet lined with guava strudel into your own oven. Guava strudel that you didn't have to pick up at a Porto's, but, rather, was delivered to your door.

This is happening.

There are five Porto's home delivery choices in all, at launch, including the three just mentioned — dulce de leche besitos, meat pies, and guava strudel — as well as Refugiado guava & cheese pastry and cheese rolls.

We'll give a hearty five "mmms" to that line-up: Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, and, might we add, mmm.

You have three size choices, when it comes to how many strudels or besitos you'd like with the small incorporating two dozen, the medium comprising three to four dozen, and five to six dozen delectables in a large box.

"We now ship nationwide our best-selling pastries raw, frozen, and direct to you so you can bake them in your own oven!" is the effervescent message at the top of the new "Bake at Home" page on the Porto's site.

Porto's pastries. In our own oven. This is, indeed, a happy day.

Potato ball buffs?

You'll still need to head to your go-to Porto's for your go-to goodie. Which is always a pleasure, and so very LA: Noshing a potato ball, or six, while watching the bustling scene inside the warm-hearted cafes.

The popular Cuban eatery was founded by Rosa Porto over 40 years ago with a first storefront in Echo Park. It has grown and grown, perfecting pastries and savory sandwiches and salads, too, over the decades.

So consider home delivery the next successful step for this Southern California classic. Enjoy your hot-from-the-oven besitos at home, and your potato balls at a Porto's, and don't forget to pick up that fabulously frosted cake for your friend's bridal shower, too.

It's Porto's gone everywhere, in the tradition of other traditional local eateries, such as Philippe the Original, stepping into the home delivery service arena.

Oh. Happy. Day.

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